Telosb Sensor Network – Helpful in Many Different Applications

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Wireless sensor networks can be used in many different number of applications. It may seem easy to implement a wireless sensor network on paper though the reality is quite different; since implementing a wireless sensor network posses many unexpected challenges. In addition to which implementing a sensor network might provide different results from those derived theoretically. It is also possible that several routine protocols if and when tested fail to perform. Here a wireless sensor network is implemented using the Telosb sensor network.


A wireless sensor network is a network of devices that consist of one or more different kind of sensors connected together via wireless communication to monitor cooperatively different environment conditions. This includes the temperature, humidity, sound and more at different locations. A wireless sensor network is deployed in many different application including industrial applications. For example it is implemented in hazard detection application, and industrial applications to name a few. A wireless sensor network is also associated with the ability to sustain harsh environmental conditions. For example it has the ability to cope with nodes failure, communication failure and even heterogeneity of nodes. There are many challenges faced this wireless sensor networks like mobility of nodes, deployment, dynamic network topology and synchronization.  A node or a mote as far as a wireless sensor network is concerned consists of sensors, microcontroller, transceiver and batteries. There are special operating systems used and designed for wireless sensor networks. TinyOS is one of them. The communication protocol used for wireless sensor networks also vary though there are a few to choose from. There are also different kinds of interfaces that are used for programming and data transfer like USB and RS-232.

Advanticsys is a company that specializes in information and communication technologies in the field of wireless sensor networks and other industrial remote monitoring systems. Advanticsys has been contributing to the technological innovation development  by applying new concepts, ideas and products services by relying on an expert group of engineers of different fields. Advanticsys also provides customized solution for remote monitoring systems thus is capable of deal with touch situations and come up with good solutions.

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