Tmote Sky & TinyOS

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Tmote Sky:


MTM-CM5000-MSP – 77.00€

Tmote sky is the next generation mote platform for extremely low power high data rate, sensor network applications designed with the dual goal of fault tolerance and development ease. Tmote sky boasts the largest on-chip RAM size of any mote, the first IEE 802.15.5 radio, and an integrated on board antenna peripherals including a 12 bit ADC and DAC, timer, 12C SPI and UART bus protocols and a performance boosting DMA controller. Tmote sky buy offers a robust solution with hardware protected external flash, applications may be wirelessly programmed to the Tmote sky module. In the event of a malfunctioning program, the module loads a protected image from flash. Toward development ease, Tmote sky provides an easy to use USB protocol programming, debugging and data collection.

Tmote Sky Specifications:


MTM-CM3000-MSP – 71.00€

The features include 250kbps 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4. It has an integrated onboard antenna with 125m range integrated humidity and temperature sensor ultra low current consumption.

Tiny OS:


MTM-CM3300-MSP – 95.00€

It was designed by the University of California, Berkeley by TinyOS developers. The Tmote Sky platform offers seamless vertical integration between the hardware and the TinyOS operating system. TinyOS is a small open source component based operating system also developed at UC Berkeley. TinyOS was specifically designed to support the networked sensor regime. TinyOS was in fact the first event driven operating system specifically made for wireless sensor networks. It was written in a variant of the C programming language named NesC. It is considered to as a component based operating system. The components are connected to each other by means of interfaces. It is possible to quickly program new applications using connected components with their interfaces. These are components of the highest level that implement protocols, hardware abstractions, data structures, services, etc. TinyOS is open source hence the programmes can combine and adapt the basic components that are really needed in the application and include it in the final executable file. Thus this reduces the amount of the mote memory required.

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