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Telosb mote includes many fundamentals for lab examinations into a single domain including USB programming capabilities, which is an IEEE 802.15.4 radio with incorporated antenna, a low powered MCU with elaborated memory and an optional sensor suite. It is an open source domain that has been made to enable state of the art experimentation for the research community. Telosb mote offers many unique features. Amongst the main features offered are Zigbee acquiescent RF transceiver, incorporated onboard antenna, low current usage microcontroller of 8Mhz TIU MSP430 with 10kb RAM as well as programming and information accumulation through USB, optional sensor suite including incorporated temperature, light and humidity sensor, 1MB outside flash for information logging.

MTM-CM5000-MSP – 77.00€

TinyOS is energy efficient and designed and developed to support big scale, self assembling sensor networks. It is open source software OS. The source of which is available at many publicly available sources online. Telosb is a very low power wireless module for using to monitor applications, sensor networks and rapid application prototyping. It also facilitates a broad array of mesh network apps.

The Telosb mote incorporates a temperature, humidity and light sensor, a wake up from sleep microcontroller, has low current usage. In addition to which it is capable to be programmed through USB, hardware link layer authentication and encryption.

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