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Wireless Sensor Mote is truly feature rich and has a great many applications. The  Ultra low-power wireless module is perfect for sensor networks, monitoring app, rapid prototyping. The key features are as below:


MTM-CM5000-MSP – 77.00€

1. 2.4GHz 802.15.4 radio, 250kps

2. 8MHz processor, 10k RAM, 48k Flash

3. Fast wakeup (6ms)

4. 1MB external flash (16 segments, each 64kB)

5. Ultra low current consumption

6. TinyOS support

Telosb mote has many useful components as listed below:

1. Radio


3. Timer (unique)

4. Flash memory

5. LEDs

6. Sensor(s)

The  Research Area in wireless sensor networks include wireless communication, localization, calibration, time synchronization, routing, deployment and lifetime optimization. In addition to which it also includes signal processing, detection, storage and mobility.

Wireless Communication can be broken into three regions, namely connected, disconnected, and transitional.

There are many routing challenges faced which are described briefly below:

1. In real life, sensors are unable to detect or measure the event’s effect below certain threshold. So, diffusion curve has finite tail
>Lack of sensitivity of sensor device(s)
>Creates flat information region

2. Erroneous reading of the malfunctioning sensors
>Due to calibration error or obstacle
>Cause local maxima or minima

3. Environmental noise

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