TelosB Mote Communication

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TelosB platform was developed and published by the research community UC Berkeley. This is one platform that supports low power consumption allowing for longer battery life. Telosb Mote is an open source platform. It is the full package for lab studies that includes USB programming, IEEE radio incorporated with an antenna, a low-power MCU with elaborate memory, an elective sensor suite amongst other features. TinyOS is the small open source, energy-efficient software operating system developed by UC Berkeley too. This supports large scale, self configuring sensor networks. The TelosB does not require the battery pack when connected to the computer via the USB port.

Wireless sensor networks nodes (motes) are available across several different platforms. It is highly regarded that radio is the main component in a mote. A wireless sensor network consists of sensor motes monitoring physical parameters. In general a wireless sensor network will be based on a two tiered architecture. One contains of sensing nodes and the other contains the base station node. In this case the sensing mote periodically monitors the pre defined physical parameters and sends the data thus gathered to the base station. The base station could be a mote or some other device. A base station can be connected to a computer, which stores the data. In addition to which the computer can perform offline processing on the stored data. This data in turn can be published to a repository with the help of the World Wide Web enabling remote user access in the process.

Motes are usually the smallest individual unit in the wireless sensor network. A mote usually consists of a radio transceiver chip, microcontroller, sensors and expansion connectors.  TinyOS is used as the open source component based software development platform for motes. TinyOS has many good features that can be capitalized on for example modular programming, multitasking, hardware abstraction thus making programming easier with a good interface.  TinyOS is one platform that supports many different platforms and sensor boards.

Advanticsys is one place where these 802.15.4 TelosB modules are easily available which have many different practical applications including temperature, humidity and light sensors.

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