What is TelosB

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MTM-CM4000-MSP – 71.00€

We find so many wireless network devices to get connected and transmit the data from one place to another. TelosB is of the methods of wireless network which has sensor devices, solar radiation sensor, humidity temperature sensor, USB, Antenna, deformation meter and microcontroller. It has total 8 sensor channels with high compassion which is mostly used for research or experimental purpose in an organization. The main advantages of it are:

  • We can get this device at a very affordable cost which attracts the customers to buy the product.
  • This device can be used without any hassle or does not require any technical skills to operate. It is very compatible to use this product.
  • It can be used in large organizations for research or for production purposes.
  • We can add as many sensors as we want as per the requirement of the customers or clients for their business purposes.
  • We have radio communication in this device which transmits the data via radio within a stipulated time.

We have to always keep in mind that the TelosB device has to be kept away from heat. We should not connect on the right side of the laptop as it generates hot air from the laptop which makes the device loose its connectivity.


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