Telosb Sensors – A Solution of Energy and Consumption

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In today’s fast and developing time, the technology needs have become costlier. Even the number of electrical device users has increased drastically. But there is no need to worry about both the cost and the devices. Advanticsys has introduced Telosb Sensors as an end solution.


AS-XM1000 – 85.00€

This will cut your electricity consumption as well as it save energy. It means it is a right product in today’s fluctuating market. Telosb is actually a new design of previous mote generations. It was designed with three major concerns. They are:

  • Easy to Use
  • Minimal Power Consumption
  • Increased Software & Hardware Forcefulness

Advanticsys believes in smarter solutions via smarter energy, smarter cities and smarter things. This is for what Advanticsys stands. We provide a wide range of variety for devices which can be used through wireless sensor networks.


MTM-CM5000-MSP – 77.00€

We are dedicated to provide you the best WSN solutions to end users. Through experience of years, we realized that the client/customer’s sustainability is of importance. That’s why we also satisfy your personalized way of modifications in the products. So that you can achieve targeted results. We always respect your suggestions for the configuration.

The products which we provide are 802.15.4 Mote Modules. Under this, we give you six options as per your specifications and needs. XM1000 is a new Mote Modules. This is grounded upon Telosb.  The other products are CM5000, CM5000-SMA and more.
Also, Advanticsys has 802.15.4 Sensor Boards, 802.15.4 Interface Modules and 802.15.4 Networks Infrastructure. These devices are developed with a variety of sensor boards and also with data acquisition cards. Through this you can connect to wireless modules in both direct sensing connectivity and external capabilities.


MTM-CM5000-SMA – 85.00€

Advanticsys is a helping hand in improving environmental management services in water and air quality assurance. This is one of the advanced gifts to the urban world where you can have less polluted atmosphere. Thanks to Advanticsys!
We are a private company with high end techno-skilled professionals. They are our real gems. Before any product is displayed we go through a rigorous Research & Development process to verify its efficiency and effectiveness. This approach has led us towards reward in the form of success.


MTM-CM3000-MSP – 71.00€

With Telosb platform we provide Air solutions, Water solutions, Agricultural Monitoring and Energy Monitoring. Also we do Structural health solutions. The 21st is an age of time and speed where in you are needed to use such kind of devices. And if they are, they come with high range of costs. But because of Advanticsys, we are at ease especially for energy and agricultural solutions. This is next to impossible innovations for preventing energy consumption and waste of agricultural products.


MTS-EM1000 – 53.00€

This wireless sensor networks are of much help in water solutions. You won’t imagine but this device warns us if there is a signal of flood and drought. It also measures water quality. Moreover, it is a shield for air pollutions. Through this we come to know about the level of dangerous gases in atmosphere. In real way, Wireless Sensor Networks has come as a savior.


MTI-USB1000 – 21.00€

Buy Telosb Sensors products online at or contact to us via physical location – ADVANTIC SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS S.L.,C/Isabel Colbrand, 10 4th floor – Office 122, 28050 Madrid – Spain – Phone: +34 91 229 03 93 Fax: +34 91 229 13 67 Email:

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